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Nordic Viking table Coaster Set

$45.00 USD

This wooden coaster set comes with an engraved box with Yggdrasil (The Tree of Life/World Tree) on the lid and The Helm of Awe (Old Norse Ægishjálmr, pronounced “EYE-gis-hiowlm-er”) a symbol for protection in the bottom of the box.

On side of the box there is The Valknut – Odin’s Knot. All around the side of the box lid there is some beautiful knot work.

The box set comes with a set of 4 Norse coasters. Which are listed below.

1. Mjolnir – Thor’s Hammer

2. Huginn and Muninn – Odin’s Ravens

3. Yggdrasil – the World Tree

4. Jormungand/Jörmungandr - The Midgard Serpent with a Vegvisir/Compass in the center

You can get the exact set of coasters or in the personalization box let us know which 4 you would like. Get one of each or 2 and 2 or all of one image. Pick what speaks to you. The box is made out of 1/8in thick Baltic Birch. The box measures about 4.25in x 4.25in and is 2.25in tall. The coasters are made out 1/4in Maple. We offer many options for you to pick whatever stain you would like for the box and coasters. Choices are listed in the pictures. Please write your choice in the personalization box. Not looking for a whole set then we have you covered there too.

We have a separate listing for the box and coasters Coaster Box= $25 Coasters = $8 each or $25 for 4 Box set=$40 for a value $60

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