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$35.00 USD

Do love the Viking Orlog game but are looking to change it up?

Do you like the Egyptian Pantheon?

Well now you can have even more fun with friends and family when you get this video game inspired Egyptian version dice game called Orlog. This game focuses on strategy and battle tactics to win. Each dice represents a different type of battle. Distance combat, hand to hand, defense and all of it depends on your roll and strategy.

Play with the Egyptian Pantheon or get the original Viking version and mix and match the Norse pantheon with or against the Egyptian pantheon.

Here you can get a full set so you and your friends can challenge each other in simulated battle.

The default set is for 2 players and includes:

-12 laser engraved 16 mm wooden dice
-32 real crystal/gem stones (current options are Blue quartz (limited supply), Red Jasper, but the Aventurine(limited supply)) or glass stones
-30 wooden god tokens/health tokens
-6 God Favors of your choice. If no choice is made then 6 random god favors will be picked.
-2 wooden bowls for dice
-Rules engraved for reference.
-2 Burlap Bags to store and transport the pieces (Standard Colors are Red/Burgundy and Sandy beige and black)
-One Egyptian wood coin to flip to figure out who goes first.
-All comes in a standard plain box. Message for customized box options.

Our Variations/choices are as followed (Prices Vary)
-1 player versions (same as standard version but you get half the items)
-all sets come with your choice of either real crystals/gems or glass stones
-12 piece god set (Full set but instead of 6 gods you get all the gods.)
-24 piece god set (Full set but this way you and your friend get to choice from a full set of gods you would like).
-24 piece god set with special box with drawer.
-Hieroglyphic Box pictured (Extra cost due to complexity). Note: If you want the Hieroglyphic box set in the pictures please select your preference. It may be confusing but if you want all 12 gods and crystal life pieces you would select- 2 player 12 Gods, Crystal+Hieroglphic (Etsy cut us off when listing and we couldn't add the word box.) If you need help selecting your preference please Email us.

-All come with the option for an engraved box. Current options are Ankh, Eye of Ra, Tree of life, Viking Axes, Hieroglyphic Box pictured (Extra cost due to complexity) and many more. If you are curious about the images or the 100s more engraved options we have available please message me and we get you the right image. If you have a custom request we do that too and if there is no design work required it'll be no extra charge. If there is design work then their may be an extra cost. All can be discussed through communication.

Each dice is made from solid birch and laser engraved on all 6 sides but not stained.

All tokens, God favors and standard game box are stained with the color of your choice. Options are listed in the picture section.

Please list your stain choice and God Favor choices in the personalization box. Due to extra time and materials required If you pick more than 2 different stains for Gods, Box, Tokens and dice instead of just one stain choice then there will be an extra cost of $25.

Gods to choose from are listed below:

Osiris's Resurrection
Amun's Might
Bast's Protection
Isis's Touch
Thoth's Wisdom
Horus's Sacrifice
Sets Chaos
Ra's Invulnerability
Ma'at's Judgement
Hathor's Joy
Sobek's Harvest
Anubus's Strength

Each God Favor is about 4 1/2in inches tall and it's 1/2in thick so they can stand up. The back of each God favor has their ability so it can be used easily during game play.

For all irregular sets or pieces there is some defect that was noticed in the making of an order. All irregular pieces tend to look normal unless scrutinized. But they did not meet quality control for example, gluing shifted, stain dried irregular, off center engrave. But for all purposes they are fine and that is why there is a reduced cost. For the irregular engrave the item has been pre engraved already. Please feel free to ask what we have. But if you choose to have an irregular set then they are generally prestained. You can ask for a stain color and if we have it then we will give it to you. If we don't then we will get you the item closest to its color.

This listing is for full sets. If you are looking for individual pieces, Dice, Tokens or God Favors then check out our other listings. Links will soon be posted.

Note: All international buyers will be responsible for paying their local tariffs and taxes

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