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Single Rune Engraved Necklace-Black/Black with Marble/Stone Gray

$19.99 USD

Get your very own personal Rune necklace.   It comes in a variety of choices and colors.  

Choose from one of the Elder Futhark Choices shown below. 

Necklace comes with a 20in silver necklace.

Stones come in a choice of Black, Black with Marbling (white streaks) or Stone Gray.

Necklace pendant size is: 0.57in x 0.96in or 1.45 cm x 2.45 cm

Below the chart is a list of what each rune represents and used for in various magics.  Be aware that the runes are very complicated and what we have been able to gather is most common representations for the Elder Futhark.

*Note: these items are handmade and as such there are no 2 identical pendants look exactly alike and as such may differ slightly from the pictures listed.

Bis 1) FEHU represents Livestock. It symbolizes Wealth, Abundance, Success, Security, Fertility.

2) URUZ represents a Bull. It symbolizes Strength, Tenacity, Courage, Untamed Potential, Freedom.

3) THURISAZ represents a Thorn. It symbolizes Reaction, Defense, Conflict, Catharsis, Regeneration.

4) ANSUZ represents an Estuary. It symbolizes the Mouth, Communication, Understanding, Inspiration.

5) RAIDHO represents a Wagon. It symbolizes Travel, Rhythm, Spontaneity, Evolution, Decisions.

6) KENNAZ represents a Torch. It symbolizes Vision, Creativity, Inspiration, Improvement, Vitality.

7) GEBO represents a Gift. It symbolizes Balance, Exchange, Partnership, Generosity, Relationships.

8) WUNJO represents Joy. It symbolizes Pleasure, Comfort, Harmony, Prosperity, Reward, Success.

9) HAGALAZ represents Hail. It symbolizes Nature, Wrath, Being Tested, Overcoming Obstacles.

10) NAUTHIZ represents Need. It symbolizes Restriction, Conflict, Willpower, Endurance, Self-Reliance.

11) ISA represents Ice. It symbolizes Clarity, Stasis, Challenges, Introspection, Watching & Waiting.

12) JERA represents the Year. It symbolizes Cycles, Completion, Changes, Harvest, Reaping Rewards.

13) EIHWAZ represents a Yew Tree. It symbolizes Balance, Enlightenment, Death, The World Tree.

14) PERTHRO represents a Dice Cup. It symbolizes Fate, Chance, Mystery, Destiny, Secrets.

15) ALGIZ represents an Elk. It symbolizes Protection, Defense, Instinct, Group Effort, Guardianship.

16) SOWILO represents the Sun. It symbolizes Health, Honor, Resources, Victory, Wholeness, Cleansing.

17) TIWAZ represents the god Tyr. It symbolizes Masculinity, Justice, Leadership, Logic, Battle.

18) BERKANA represents a Birch Tree. It symbolizes Femininity, Fertility, Healing, Regeneration, Birth.

19) EHWAZ represents a Horse. It symbolizes Transportation, Movement, Progress, Trust, Change.

20) MANNAZ represents Humanity. It symbolizes Individuality, Friendship, Society, Cooperation, Help.

21) LAGUZ represents Water. It symbolizes Intuition, Emotions, Flow, Renewal, Dreams, Hopes & Fears.

22) INGUZ represents a Seed. It symbolizes Goals, Growth, Change, Common Sense, The Hearth (Home).

23) OTHALA represents Inheritance. It symbolizes Ancestry, Possessions, Heritage, Experience, Value.

24) DAGAZ represents Dawn. It symbolizes Awakening, Certainty, Illumination, Completion, Hope.

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