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20 Piece Standing Orlog God Favors Set | orlog ac valhalla

$29.99 USD
  • This listing is for the whole 20 piece set for the for the Assassin's Creed Game Valhalla Orlog.
  • Each God Favor is made out of Baltic Birch and is modled to be as close to the game in Assassin's Creed Valhalla That you would play with. Each God Favor is about 3in inches tall and it's 1/2in thick. We make them 1/2in thick so that you can stand them up and they are also more durable this way. The back of each God favor has their ability so it can be used easily during game play.
  • We also offer the God favors at a reduced price of $25 if you choose not to have abilities on the back. Below is the name of all the God favors. All God favors are sealed for durablity. Baldr's Invulnerability Bragi's Verve Burnhild's Fury Freyja's Plenty Fregyr's Gift Frigg's Sight Heimdall's Watch Hel's Grip Idun's Rejuvenation Loki's Trick Mimir's Wisdom Odin's Sacrifice Skadi's Hunt Skuld's Claim Thor's Strike Thrymr's Theft Tyr's Pledge Ullr's Aim Var's Bond Vidar's Might
  • This listing is for all 20 pieces. If you are looking for individual pieces, Dice, Tokens or your own whole set then check out our other listings. Links will soon be posted. Note: All international buyers will be responsible for paying their local tariffs and taxes

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