Cagley Creations

Persoanalized Roargasm Dinosaur Cards | Naughty Valentines day gift

$6.00 USD
  • Do all the cards just not meet your needs? Looking for a funny way to add a twist on Valentine's day? Want to send an unusual Valentines card? Do you want to remove the filter and tell your significant other how you feel? Are you into dinosaurs? Then you can get these Valentines day cards and let your significant other know in a funny way how you feel.
  • This Valentine's Day card comes in many stains. Stain options are listed in the pictures. List your choice of stain in the personalization box or write N/A Write your name and if desired write a short message to your love one.
  • Product is made of 1/8 Baltic Birch and is 4x6 inches for $6 or you may choose for it to be made of 1/4 Maple for $2 more.

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